With millions of fans around the world, record-setting releases on digital platforms, sold out concerts at the most prestigious venues and festivals… Nassif Zeytoun is one of the reigning names on the Arab World pop music scene with a fire-blazing career! As a believer and achiever, Nassif Zeytoun won Star Academy Arabia in 2010. In 2011, he participated in a World Peace concert under the supervision of Quincy Jones and RedOne. After signing a management contract with Music Is My Life in 2013, his debut album “Ya Samt” was released, produced by “Watary”. Nassif’s success with his debut was cemented with winning the Murex D’Or for the best rising Arabic singer. “Ya Samt” is the first Arabic album to exceed hundred million views on YouTube, and Nassif was the first Arab singer to use the lyric video concept to promote his music. The success of his 2nd album “Toul Al Yom, 2016, led Nassif to win “Album of the Year” from Apple Music, the “Phenomenon of the Year” Award and “Best Album 2016” at the Arab Nation Music Awards, in addition to the “Best Young Arabic Singer” and Murex D’Or Award. By summer of 2017, Nassif’s ticket sales topped the quarter million mark. On March 21, 2019, Nassif started to reveal the new songs of his third album with outstanding digital views and streams results. Nassif was also selected for Carthage International Festival in August 2019, this time for two consecutive sold out concerts added to his success journey.